EXPO0031MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an eight week training. Participants work with techniques like yoga and meditation to heighten their awareness and mindfulness.

Mindfulness enables you to focus your mind on your experiences. This helps you become more aware of your feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. If this is done with an 'open mind', without judging, without expectations, we start recognising patterns in our behaviour and our thinking.

These patterns -this autopilot- can frustrate our attemps to deal with stressfull situations and block attemps to adept healthier behaviour.  

Becoming aware of these patterns, just by giving them space, can reduce pain and stress.

Jon Kabat-Zinn developed MBSR in the seventies for people suffering from chronic pain. Results were spectacular and the method was applied to people with chronic stress as well. The method has been subject to many scientific studies. Efficacy is beyond doubt. 

The training requires a sound motivation and considerable effort by the trainees. They are asked to practice one hour a day. Every training starts with an individual 'intake'. This intake is 'free'. 

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